To your right is a demo version of the Vocabulary Assessor component of the Literacy Launch Ramp.

One of the ways the Magic Ladder makes learning fun, concrete, and personally adaptive is to use the student’s own words, everywhere possible, as ‘reference examples’ for learning the ways letters represent sounds. The Vocabulary Assessment module of the Magic Ladder is used to collect the student’s words.

Important Note: Vocabulary Assessment is recommended, but optional. In the absence of assessed students words,  all of the components of the Magic Ladder will automatically substitute generic words.

To use the demo: Click on the "Start Oral Vocabulary Assessment Demo" button. Click on the check button (in one of the four choice boxes) when the word you hear matches the picture or text. You can click on the speaker button (inside a choice box) to hear the word option repeated.

The first five words of the demo are represented by pictures and are used to assess which words the student recognizes when heard. The next five words are presented as text only and are used to assess which words the student recognizes on sight. In the real application, there are in excess of 500 picture words and 6000 text words. The picture words have been carefully selected to represent the words most PreK-K students will know and that will also contain the letters and sounds that can be used to provide excellent examples of the patterns that must be learned in the beginning and remedial stages of literacy learning.